Post-Op instructions

Endodontic treatment has now been completed.

Non-surgical root canal treatment:

  • Discomfort is common and may last up to 7 days after treatment.
  • Analgesic pain killers may be taken if needed.
  • Take any prescribed antibiotics as directed.
  • Avoid chewing directly on the treated tooth until it is completely comfortable.

Your tooth may need a new permanent restoration:

  • After each appointment, some type of filling (temporary or permanent) is placed in the access opening that was made to get to the roots of your tooth. If you don’t have a crown already on the tooth, you may need one to avoid tooth fracture. Your general dentist will do this. If the root canal was performed through an existing crown, make sure you know if the filling that is placed is temporary or if it is permanent. If it is a temporary, you will need to return to your general dentist for a permanent filling.

Surgical root canal treatment:

  • Detailed post surgical instructions will be provided and discussed immediately after any surgical procedure.


  • Root canal treatment has an exceptionally high rate of success.  It is possible your tooth may feel different than before treatment for 6-12 months.  Because you are the only one who knows how your tooth feels it is up to you to decide if the situation you are feeling is something that needs further attention.  If you have questions or would like us to see you for another exam and x-ray please call and schedule an appointment.


Thank you – We appreciate the opportunity to treat you. We strive to provide expert endodontic treatment with the latest technology for your needs.